Jadu , Nazre Bud se Hifazat ka wazifa

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Read the following wazifa after each prayer or anytime you feel you need to read it to secure yourself from all kinds of Jadu (Magic / Witchcraft)  or from Nazre bud (Buri Nazar ) or if you think some Bad Jinns are interfering in your everyday routine . Reciting this wazifa regularly after reciting Darood-e-Pak, Sorah Fatiha , Ayat-ul-Kursi, Char Qul (Ikhlas, Alflaq, Alnas, Alkafiron) will surely save you from all kinds of shar. Apart from that there is another dua beneath that wazifa that can help you get calm , Peaceful and sound sleep at night and will avoid having bad dreams .

May Allah help You and Protect you from these Shars . Ameen

jadu nazar se hifazat ka wazifa
jadu nazar se hifazat ka wazifa


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