Taaq raat ki dua – Shabe qadar ki dua

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Shabe qadar or Laila tul qadar is one of the Odd (taaq) nights of the Last ashra of Ramadan.

praying in this nite is better than thousand months ibadat.  So stay awake the whole nite and pray to Allah and stay blessed. Many Muslims are of the view that 27th is the exact shabe qadar.  Even if it is,  still praying on other taaq raats will make Allah more happy with us and he will shower more of this blessings on us and its an opportunity for us to ask for forgiveness for our previous sins.

May Allah shower his blessings on us. Ameen

Following is the dua for taaq raat


Dua for Shabe Qadar
Dua for Shabe Qadar
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